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    IPTV Frequently Asked Questions

    Which devices are compatible ?

    You can use all common devices to receive our service.
    Android: Formuler, MAG, Mi Box, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube
    Engima: DreamBox, Gigablue, VU+Zero, Roku (NOT RECOMMENDED)
    Other: SmartTV, Laptop/PC and Smartphone,

    Which device is recommended ?

    Formulerz 10 Pro is recommended. Convinced by the excellent quality and very simple setup.
    A cheaper alternative is the Xiaomi MiBOX S, which offers a great streaming experience for about half the price of the Formulalz 10 Pro.

    How fast does my internet connection need to be ?

    We recommend at least 16-32 Mbit / s for full HD content. You need a stable internet connection.

    What payment methods are available ?

    We accept PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Paysafecard, Amazon Gift Cards and Bitcoin for payment.

    Do I need a VPN service ?

    Normally you don’t need a VPN. However, in some cases you may need a VPN to bypass the regional block. Therefore, we recommend using the Android Box in all cases. Customers have free access to our proprietary high-speed VPN server.

    Which app is recommended for my device ?

    All customers can choose which IPTV app to use. If your Formuler device isn’t available, we recommend the IPTV SMARTERS app.

    Is my Fire TV stick suitable for IPTV ?

    As a rule, it is possible to receive IPTV on the Fire TV stick, but this is a very cheap product and unfortunately reflected in quality limitations. Click here for the Fire TV Stick Guide.

    Having Difficulties Setting Up Your IPTV Subscription?

    Check Out Our IPTV Installation Guides
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